"OOOOOOOOOOH!" - Big Smoke while entering his second form in Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition

Big Smoke is the leader of the Mafia in Gucciland and the Yeezyverse. However, he still serves under Doggo, the Devourer of Gods. Big Smoke is known to control both Knuckles and Sonic. He is the second boss of Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition and the third boss of Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition.

Story Edit

Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition Edit

Big Smoke joined the mafia at 19, working his way up the ranks. He was known for his unique ability to consume all sound near him. At 34, the old leader of the mafia, Mickey Mouse, told Big Smoke he would become the new leader with his dying breath. Big Smoke fulfilled his role till the last second, collecting debts and nae naeing fools. One day, he sent Knuckles to collect a debt from someone named Jeff Cuphead, and he never returned. When Big Smoke arrived to see what had happened, he was attacked by Jeff. Big Smoke fought till the end, but was defeated. His last words were, “Somebody save the smoke!” as he summoned his lifelong friend, CJ, to defend him. He never saw what became of CJ or Jeff.