"My power is infinite, and yours, insignificant." - The Internet, after his second secret boss fight.

The Internet is the main antagonist of the BA series. He is confident and condescending, often referring to himself as infinite and all-powerful. He brags many times about his strength in comparison to others. He has no allies, and only works for himself.

The Internet is an immortal being, never dying of age or sickness, but, like all beings in the BA series, can be killed. However, this can only be achieved by another being of infinite power, only two of which exist naturally. The Artifact, contained within his Realm, can also give infinite power, although it lays dormant for most of the series.

Development Edit

The original plan for The Internet included different forms from the current, including an "Aura" form that would be all around the player, and a "Castle" form that would be a massive mech made from server towers, which later became his Titan form.

Story Edit

Before Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition Edit

The Internet was spawned before time began from The Artifact. This event is presumably what caused the Artifact to go dormant. Eventually, the Internet became bored with the Origin, and used some of his infinite power to create the Realm of Endings and the four Lesser Realms, all of which would eventually become known as the Ancient Realms. The Internet then populated the Realms with immortal, but not infinitely powerful beings. These beings, to be known as the Ancient Beings, would go on to create the Precursors. However, long before that happened, they created many other things. The Internet, upon seeing what had become of his creation, which he thought flawed, purged the Realm of Endings of all life and light, and locked himself away within the Origin. He created the Last Door, which locked away the Realm of Endings from the Origin, and the Four Doors, which would lock the Realms apart, preventing travel between them. He also created keys to each door, but these keys were put in places where no one would find them for thousands of years. He also created the Meme Graveyard, a terrible place between the Last Door and the Origin, as a last line of defense. The Internet then took the name Ouroboros for whenever he wanted to approach his creations, which he rarely did. He then sat back and watched as his Realms and his Universes became ever more flawed.

Cuphead 3: Finale Edit

Ouroboros appears to Jeff Cuphead after the end of Cuphead 3: Finale as a secret boss, telling Jeff how much more awaits him before attacking. After the fight, he tells Jeff he was using "an infinitesimally small fraction of [his] true power".

The Rick Astley Saga: Realm of Fire Edit

Ouroboros once again appeared as a secret boss, to fight Rick Astley and to show him he had no chance moving forward. When Rick defeated him, he continued to taunt him as he went away.

The Rick Astley Saga: The End Edit

Ouroboros was found within the Origin, past the Meme Graveyard, and confronted Rick Astley in his true form for the first time. He revealed his true name as The Internet. He let Rick take the Artifact freely, claiming it would be useless, as it had been dormant for millennia. When Rick fought him, he went through many forms, from Human to Titan to Arachnid to Final. When achieved his Final form, however, Rick called upon all his allies. Every ally from the past, and former enemies, all joined together. With his friends by his side, Rick awakened the artifact. He gained infinite power, and defeated the Internet once and for all.