The Origin was the first place ever created. The creation of The Origin is a mystery, as is the creation of the Artifact within. The Origin is shown to have multiple forms in-game, when the Internet changes forms.

Setting and Areas Edit

The Origin is accessed by stepping through the Barrier of Desolation in the center of the Meme Graveyard. Once within The Origin, it is a forest of white pillars all connected to a center point, a glowing circle with the Artifact hovering above it.

In the Internet's different forms, he changes how The Origin looks. In his human form, it takes the form of a beach with a black and green ocean. When the Internet changes to his Titan form, The Origin changes to a barren wasteland with mountains far away. When the Internet is in his Arachnid form, the Origin becomes a massive cavern. In The Internet's final form, the Origin changes back to its original look.

The Origin also changes form during the other fights here. While fighting Ipsilon, it becomes a white and black vortex. While fighting The Guardians and Jeff Cuphead, it is simply a large flat area of black rock with a black sky.

Story Edit

The Origin was created at an unspecified time, or before time, or it always existed. No living thing existed for the creation of The Origin. Some time after The Origin was created, or perhaps at the same time, the Artifact was created. And, at one point, the first living thing was born from the Artifact. The Internet came to be, an infinite being with infinite power. The Internet went on to create time as we know it and the Ancient Realms. About 1000 years later, the Internet sealed itself away from the Ancient Realms, locking the Realm of Dankness away behind the Door to Dankness, and creating the Meme Graveyard as a buffer between The Origin and the Door. The Internet would go on to populate the Meme Graveyard with all the worst memes created throughout the Realms.

Many years later, the Door to Dankness was opened. It was by not an Ancient Being, but a Precursor.