"I have the Orb! TRANSCEND!" - SiIvaGunner, after obtaining the Orb of Ultimate Memestruction

The War of the Orb was a battle between the Old Lords in the First Era over the Orb of Ultimate Memestruction. The battle took place on Memetopia, in the center of the Universe.

Background Edit

The Universe was created when the Creators banished Mario and Glaz, and used the Orb of Ultimate Creation to make Memetopia and the Old Lords. In the center of the universe was Memetopia, and in the center of Memetopia was the Tower of Memes. And on the top of the Tower was the Orb of Ultimate Memestruction. The power of the Orb was so great that the Old Lords fought to obtain it.

The War Edit

The War started when Jeff Cuphead, Rick Astley, Monika Sans, and SiIvaGunner all attempted to obtain the Orb, and began fighting over it. Over time, more of the Old Lords joined in, until all 100 were fighting. Many of the Old Lords were killed, including Cool Bird, Mr. Krabs, and more. Rick Astley willingly surrendered near the beginning of the War, choosing to spectate, making friends with the Creators. On the 100th year of the War, only Jeff Cuphead, Monika Sans, and SiIvaGunner remained. Finally, Jeff Cuphead saw a chance to defeat Monika Sans, and took it. Jeff succeeded, but in the process, SiIvaGunner ran and obtained the Orb. As she was dying, Monika Sans swore eternal hatred on Jeff Cuphead. SiIvaGunner grabbed the Orb and used it to transcend into the Consumer of Egg.

Aftermath Edit

When the Creators saw how powerful the Consumer of Egg was, they knew they had made a mistake. The only way they could defeat him was to split the universe. They split it into 420 new universes and revived all the Old Lords, having the Old Lords rule 100 of the universes, and making 320 new Lords to rule the other universes. SiIvaGunner was cast out into the realm between the universes, and the Orb of Ultimate Memestruction was lost. Jeff Cuphead himself became ruler of the Dabiverse, where he would begin a new war against Monika Sans, who ruled the Yeezyverse.

Trivia Edit

The War of the Orb was originally designed to be the main plot of a scrapped game, to be called Cuphead 3: Prequel. After this game was scrapped, the War was shown in Cuphead 3: The Movie. However, this project was also scrapped.

The creation of the scene for the War in Cuphead 3: The Movie showed the first time Rick Astley was used in a BA game. Much later on, Rick Astley's character was expanded to be the main protagonist of the Rick Astley Saga.